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PrtScr is a free screen capture utility for Windows
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PrtScr is a simple, nice and handy screen capture application. It represents a better alternative to the default Windows’ screen capture tool (the so-called “Snipping tool”) as it offers additional functions and features, yet it’s lighter in comparison with the majority of similar utilities, as they usually include their own built-in image editor or additional image uploading capabilities.

Even though it allows editing the taken screenshots only by using the default Windows’ Paint utility, PrtScr is still pretty handy as using it is very simple and easy. I won’t consider the lack of a built-in image editor to be a remarkable disadvantage, but when it comes to image uploading, things are different. I think that missing the proper image uploading capabilities is quite a big deal. Nowadays, we all take screenshots in order to share them and show to others things happening on our desktops. We don’t take them to keep them on our computers. That’s why most screenshot taking tools also include uploading functionalities, and the fact that PrtScr doesn’t feature this ability is quite a downside. Talking about flaws, I could also mention that I would have liked that the default screen capture shape was the rectangular one and not the freehand, as it took me a bit to figure it out that I can change it to that one by pressing the Control key, but this might just be a matter of personal preference. Other than that, PrtScr is a nice screen capture utility. It lets you save the image as JPG, JPEG, BMP and PNG files. Saving to transparent PNG files or tweaking the quality of the output images when saving as JPEG is also possible. Furthermore, setting the hotkeys to your liking is allowed as well.

To sum it all up, if you ever need a lightweight screen capture utility and uploading capabilities are not of great importance to you, PrtScr is a good choice. It’s also free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Allows customizing the capture hotkeys


  • Cannot save to GIF images
  • No uploading or image sharing functions
  • Freehand image area selection is the default one, though the rectangular one could have been more suitable
  • Makes use of Windows' Paint for the image editing
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